If you’re feeling lucky, you can try and bring your DVD to the event and if a film doesn’t show up we might have room for you to take their place!

Yes! YOU too can bring in your epic (but short) film, music video, web-series episode, cat vine to show on the big screen in front of a LIVE and LOCAL audience. Sounds like a no brainer.

How do I submit a film?

There are two ways to submit a film:

  • Bring an authored BLU-RAY or DVD to the event.
  • OR, submit your film online up to one week before the show. You can do this by using the form on the left or sending a downloadable Vimeo link or a Dropbox share (and remember to include your own email address or send a separate email so we have a place to reply to) to We’ll confirm we received your submission. When you get to the show, you must come and check in with us at the submissions table at Open Screen Night in order for your film to play.
  • Please include the following information with your online submission:
    • Your Name
    • Film Title
    • Film Description
    • Film Length
    • Is there anything you would like to promote?
    • Does your film contain profanity, excessive violence, or nudity? If so, please describe the extent and where this appears in the film.
  • Everything received will be dropped onto a USB drive.
    • Thus, an .mp4 file is the best format to submit.
    • No, we won’t play your file directly from the internet.
    • Recommended you bring a back-up, authored BLU-RAY or DVD, just in case.
    • Get those audio levels to around -6db and -12db.
    • If you still have questions, just consult with and we’ll work with you to figure it out.
  • DO NOT SUBMIT A 2GB OR GREATER FILE! They take us forever to download, only to find out sometimes they didn’t at all. A 15 minute .mp4 is usually under 1GB and still looks good. If you don’t, Brad will ruin your life equally as you’ve ruined his.

What are your submission guidelines?

  • Nothing longer than 10 minutes. (Shorter films are preferred and generally go over better with the audience.)
  • We only allow one film per production team per show.
  • We only accept 60 total minutes of footage for the event. Films will be selected to screen based on the order that they are received until we reach this limit. We start accepting submissions following the most recent event. Those chosen films will be programmed randomly for the night in whatever order best suits the event.

Come on, I’ve got 55 uncut minutes of bird footage that I really want to show. Please play it?

Sorry. We just can’t accommodate that long of a run-time in our show anymore. Our new home only has a strict two hours available for the show and we want to give plenty of people their chance to screen. Alternatively, you could bring a trailer or scene that would meet the requirements for the main show. Or, contact the Sie Filmcenter to organize your own screening of your film! Try it! It’s fun!

Can Open Screen Night help the children?

Good question. Probably not. But we are supporting Denver’s EXPLODING multimedia production community in our own special way. Sure, anyone can debut their new film online, but why not see it on the big screen in front of a room full of interesting and talented people? That has to be helpful to someone.