November OSN Recap

The final Open Screen Night of 2013 was the party of the year as Total Ghost tookover the evening and led us through a full program of videos. Sharing the stage with them were our judges for the evening, Nathan Lund, Andy Juett and Timmi Lasley. As usual, they kicked off the show by introducing the Fast Five (the submissions under 5 minutes). This included a couple of holiday themed videos from OSN regulars Bizjack Flemco Productions and Colin Floom’s music video for the band A. Tom Collins. ScaTTer GaTHer treated us to another amazing stop-motion music video. After intermission, Don Quixote-themed “Diablito Blanquito” made its triumphant debut, the Reel Nerds showed the long awaited fourth episode of their “Podshow” and puppet-masters Artface Studios shared the next adventure for Harry and Luther.

Congratulations to the night’s winners, Colin Floom for “A. Tom Collins“, and Scatter Gather for “Fears” which you can watch above.