January Recap: OSN Gone Wild and Nerdy


Every week, the Reel Nerds go see a new movie and then podcast their experience to the world. This week they took some time to host Open Screen Night and brought horror movie icon Jonathan Tiersten along with them. Jonathan helped judge our show alongside KGNU’s Wally Wallace and last minute substitute judge Jesse Walsh.

After introducing the show with a skit involving the firing of Reel Nerds co-host, Brad, the Reel Nerds kicked off the evening’s programming with the Fast Five submissions. First up was Peace Jam’s “Big Fun Show Episode 1” which was indeed super-fun and showcased hipsters telling hipster jokes. Next up, Eileen Agosta showed us a promo for another local show at the nearby Bug Theater called “TEXT-A-SAURUS” where the audience texts topics that the comedians have to craft their jokes from on the spot. If you would like to attend that show on Monday Feb. 3rd, check out the details on their Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/342499805892642/.

Bob Berg brought in the trailer for his feature film “Misogyny” to inform us about it’s FREE screening on Friday, Feb 7th at the Sie Film Center. Those event details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/525897384174233/.

Next up, we watched what would become two of the night’s finalists. Bizjack Flemco Productions dusted off one of their older films, “CSI Love Lucy” which showed us Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz investigating the murder of their wives Lucy and Ethel in hilarious fashion. And just before intermission, Nancy Fingerhood introduced us to “Middle-Aged Women Gone Wild” which would go on to win the evening, the crowd’s hearts (and some loins) and $50 in Roostercat Coffee!

Upon returning from intermission, the Reel Nerds revealed their new podshow episode “Jonathan Tiersten’s Human BBQ” and the guest judge himself gave us some culinary pointers on how to prepare a human meal. Following that was our second place finalist, “Within a Blink of an Eye” by Rodney Wess, about a man and a woman who envision two scenarios of a breakup from different perspectives. After much anticipation, OSN regulars the Laugh, You Bastards! debuted their long-awaited third season premiere “Gamera vs. The Terror of Sleep” which exposed the myth behind girl farts, the mental demise of an overly intense chess coach, and the unwritten faux-pas of the party foul. Denver hip-hop crew High Five Hip Hop closed out the evening with their music video “Who’s Rhyming On This Record?”. Despite some of the judges’ opinions, the audience still enjoyed the video (and the beats) and shortly after, the night’s finalist were crowned.

The Reel Nerds appreciated the opportunity to host the event and hope Open Screen Night flourishes in the months to come.

Stay weird.