February Recap: A Fine Evening


A flash snowstorm couldn’t stop the Fine Gentleman’s Club from amusing the Open Screen Night guests this month. But it did limit the amount of content brought in, which made the evening one of the shortest OSN’s to date. However our funny hosts and guest judges Mara Wiles, Heather Snow, and Jon Ekstrom did a fantastic job of entertaining the OSN crowd.

We kicked the evening off as always with the Fast Five which included the “What is Intendence? Promo” to explain the name of the local film festival happening again this June. Then “Nacho Lips” by Nathan Westlake and Company, one of the Doritos Super Bowl contest submissions, showed us how desirable a man can be with processed cheese dust on his face. So much so that when one of the guest judges admitted her attraction to such a man, Chris Charpentier exited the stage and reappeared minutes later with his own bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Well played Charpentier.

Rockethouse Pictures followed that by showing the trailer for their film “To Better Days“. Then it was on to Primetime where (second place winners) the Reel Nerds premiered the season finale of their web series “Reel Nerds Podshow Ep. 6: Denver Comic Con.” and put one of the characters in the hospital. Shortly after, our third place finalists Noah Mittman/Punch Drunk Action Services dazzled us with their crazy parkour skills in “Over Something So Small“. Finally the Laugh, You Bastards revealed the depressing news that tonight’s episode was to be their last, and they went out on top with “Bleeding Out” and winning first place! As the judges deliberated, the Rocky Mountain Oysters gave us an exclusive peek at the enigmatic trailer for the third season of their series.

Thanks again to all who shared the night with us, The Fine Gentlemen Chris, Sam, Nathan for humoring the crowd, our judges Mara, Heather, and Jon for an entertaining critique, and we look forward to seeing you next month at the Denver Open Media Foundation where OSN will blow your mind for the first time outside the Oriental Theater.