WE ARE NOT A FILM FESTIVAL. Open Screen Night is DENVER’S BEST OPEN MIC NIGHT FOR VIDEO! Every other month, you’re invited to share a video featuring a variety of content such as comedies, dramas, action, surrealist, romance, web-series’, animations, narratives, documentaries, vacations, dumb stunts, and cat vines, etc. as long as it’s under 10 minutes long, for a chance to win great prizes! You’re also invited to just come hangout with cool people and watch the weirdness.



Please copy, paste, & answer the following information with your online submission. This will be read aloud to the audience:

  • Your Name
  • Film Title
  • Film Description
  • Film Length
  • Is there anything you would like to promote?
  • Does your film contain profanity, excessive violence, or nudity? If so, please describe the extent and where this appears in the film.
  • There are two ways to submit a film:

    • Bring an authored BLU-RAY or DVD to the event. No self-contained files. We drop it in the tray and it plays. That simple.
    • OR, submit your film online up to one week before the show. You can do this by sending a downloadable Vimeo link or a Dropbox share (and remember to include your own email address or send a separate email so we have a place to reply to) to submissions@openscreennight.com. We’ll confirm we received your submission within a couple days. When you get to the show, you must come and check in with us at the submissions table at Open Screen Night in order for your film to play.
    • 1280×720 resolution, h264 .mp4’s and .mov’s run the best on our system but we’ll also accept up to 1920×1080. Audio can be stereo AAC or WAV.
    • Get those audio levels to between -6db and -12db.
    • DO NOT SUBMIT A 2GB OR GREATER FILE! If you do, Brad will ruin your life equally as you’ve ruined his. They take us forever to download, only to find out sometimes they didn’t at all. A 10 minute .mp4 is usually under 1GB and still looks good.

    If you still have questions, just consult with submissions@openscreennight.com and we’ll work with you to figure it out.

  • No. The venue does not provide adequate internet service for this.

  • Anything really. Comedies, dramas, action, adventure, romance, web-series’, animations, narratives, documentaries, vacations, dumb stunts, cat vines, portfolio reels… the wilder the better.

    The only videos we won’t tolerate are ones with hateful or abusive content.

  • Yes. They can be as short as you want, but they cannot be longer than 10 minutes. Shorter videos go over better with the audience and we’ll be able to fit more submissions into the show that way.

    If your video is longer than 10 minutes and can’t be shortened, you can try and bring it to the show the night of and, if we have room, we’ll program it.

  • We only accept one submission per person or team each event.

    However, you could edit multiple videos into one submission up to 10 minutes long if you really wanna get all your shorts into one screening. But remember, shorter submissions play better with the audience.

  • Sorry. We just can’t accommodate that long of a run-time in our show anymore. Our new home only has a strict two hours available for the show and we want to give plenty of people their chance to screen. Alternatively, you could bring a trailer or scene that would meet the requirements for the main show. Or, contact the Bug Theatre to organize your own screening of your film! Try it! It’s fun!

  • Videos are accepted on a first submitted, first served basis online until we reach 60 minutes of content. After that, we reserve a block of about 30 minutes for submissions at the door. During the show, the videos are screened in random order, chosen by the hosts.

    The online submission window generally opens four weeks ahead of the next show and closes the week before.

  • Kinda, but it’s actually the admission price. Open Screen Night is currently $5 for everyone, whether you’re there to screen or just watch. Just pay at the door.

    Cash and all major credit cards accepted.

  • In a way, you’ve already won just by being a part of Open Screen Night. But if you’re focused on the prizes, the audience decides via ballot.

    If you’re an audience member without a video, you can win prizes via the raffle ticket acquired at admission.

  • No, we just play your videos and our hosts add some commentary here and there. If you’re looking for feedback on your video you can chat with people privately at intermission or after the show, or you can submit your film to another fine program at the venue: The Emerging Filmmaker’s Project that specializes in that very thing.

  • The Bug Theatre has a robust and affordable concession stand serving snacks from popcorn to candy to drinks like soda, beer, or water.

  • Good question. Probably not. But we are supporting Denver’s EXPLODING multimedia production community in our own special way. Sure, anyone can debut their new film online, but why not see it on the big screen in front of a room full of interesting and talented people? That has to be helpful to someone.